What we do


Pareto Securities Research covers both Equity and Credit, with around 50 professionals across Oslo, Stockholm and Frankfurt. Our research is to a large extent case-driven, but with long-term commitment to the industries we follow.

Equity Research

Pareto Securities’ Equity Research team includes ~40 professionals and covers a broad range of companies and industries, including Technology, Industrials, Renewables, Seafood, Energy Services, E&P, Shipping/Transportation, Financials and Telecoms. Pareto Securities Equity Research has historically had a particular focus on industries and sectors where the Nordic countries have had a competitive edge, such as Energy, Industrials, Seafood and Transportation. Over the past few years this has evolved, with Renewables and Technology in particular becoming sectors of greater importance across our home countries. We have active coverage of most listed companies in Oslo and Stockholm, in addition to the most important international peers within core sectors. Additionally, our Frankfurt Branch covers ~100 German companies. With longstanding relationships with leading industry players in its core sectors, Pareto Securities brings a proprietary and unique insight to its research.

Credit Research

Pareto Securities Credit Research team includes ~10 analysts in Oslo and Stockholm. The team covers all of Pareto’s High Yield issues in detail, with ad-hoc credit reports and regular updates. Credit Research will co-operate closely with Equity Research both on company and industry level. The team also publishes our High Yield Weekly and Daily newsletters, in addition to our annual ‘High Yield Book’ – an integral tool for all investors in the Nordic High Yield market.

Analysts are continuously working on value-added fundamental research in order to provide clients with investment ideas. The research product includes:

  • Fundamental company and industry research
  • Comprehensive sector reports
  • Quarterly reporting updates
  • Monthly model portfolio
  • Daily morning reports

Corporate access

Our Coporate Access Team consists of ~10 professionals across Norway, Sweden, Germany, the UK and the US. As part of our offering, we organize global company- and analyst roadshows – in addition to a series of high profile conferences that now have been organized for many consecutive years. These include Pareto’s annual Energy Conference in Oslo, an event we have held every year since 1994,  which has grown into the largest industry conference of its kind in Europe attracting some 1,400 investors and industry professionals and several of the world’s largest Energy and Energy Services companies. In Bergen we have hosted the North Atlantic Seafood forum since 2006, while our Power and Renewable Energy Conference in Oslo has been held annually for the past 21 years. Other annual events include our 11th annual Health Care Conference, 9th annual Nordic Corporate Bond Conference, 4th annual Gaming Seminar and 2nd consecutive Cleantech seminar in Stockholm, our 15th annual E&P Seminar in London and newly formed Equity Forum in Frankfurt.

Pareto Content

Our dedicated team of content creators in Oslo and Stockholm make sure that our research is widely distributed through our social media channels. We record weekly podcasts and video material, with relevant guests such as top management teams, investors and our own research analysts.